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Home buyers in Boston, New York, and Washington, D.C. have to stay in a home for at least three years to break even on a home purchase, and buyers in the Bay Area would have to stay nearly that long to make buying financially advantageous, according to Zillow’s Breakeven Horizon analysis for the fourth quarter of 2015. Those under […]

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How The Natural Foods Effect Is Taking Over Real Estate

Posted by Dan McCutchen // February 6, 2016


It is safe to say that the “healthy living” trend has swept the nation.  People are starting to opt for a side of veggies over fries.  Exercise has become a hobby instead of a chore.  But recent studies show that the trend is even playing a substantial role in the real estate industry.  Zillow’s new […]

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How To Attract Real Estate Venture Capital In Today’s Economy

Posted by Dan McCutchen // February 5, 2016


With the global economy in a rather precarious situation, entrepreneurs in nearly every industry are expecting to weather what may be a turbulent 2016. If for nothing else, poor market conditions have made venture capital a commodity of sorts. Not to say that it wasn’t already, but seed money could be harder to come by […]

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